Fortel, Nijjer is raising awareness regarding the collection of donations by arranging different charity events.

Fortel is a UK based construction company. It deals with providing concrete floors. They have a huge staff and a lot of people working for them. It is one of the most popular construction companies in England. Recently Fortel has completed its 20 years of service, and in order to celebrate this milestone, they have thought of doing something different.

The staff of Fortel has decided that on their 20th anniversary, they will arrange 20 different charity events in order to raise awareness. There are a lot of organizations that raise charity for any of the deserving causes. May it be for underprivileged people or for free education? No matter what the cause is, charity is nevertheless a charity, and it is always a good idea to donate some of your money to those organizations.

Any one of you can also take part in these charity programs and send some of your money for this great cause. Be sure that all of your money will be sent directly to any of the charity organizations. We can assure you that all of these charity organizations that are a part of the Fortel charity awareness program are authentic and are really trying to make the world a better place.

Helping them out by giving some charity will not only help someone needy, but it will also make you feel good. No matter how much you are donating, it will make some difference in the society. Fortel had really thought out of the box as there couldn’t have been a better way of celebrating their 20th anniversary.

There are a lot of programs and online companies to which you can donate. As there are different kinds of organizations, so you also have the liberty of choosing the one you want and donate for the cause, which you will like to support the most. It doesn’t matter which organization you are choosing, as long as it is an authentic one and is really working for the betterment of the people.

Fortel has been continuously arranging charity awareness events in different locations and for different organizations in order to get maximum people to donate. It is good that people know about the charity organizations which are working in the society to make it a better place to live in.

Without a proper awareness campaign, most of the people don’t even know about such organizations working around them. So Fortel is really making an effort to get more people to know about such causes because once they have awareness, only then they will be able to donate happily.

In order to donate, you don’t even have to go somewhere physically. All of the charity organizations that the Fortel is raising awareness for also receive online donations. So you can contact them and donate as much as you would like to. They are fast, secure, and trusted sites, and you don’t need to worry about your money. Your donations can really help in bringing a smile to someone’s face.

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Fortel Nijjer is ready to support the homeless

Fortel is one of the best construction companies, which is highly known for the quality of work and its commitment to its projects. The fineness of its projects and the smooth availability of its services have resulted in the continuity of its services for two decades.

Now, Fortel Nijjer is doing the noble cause of the charity for the sake of helping the homeless people because it feels its responsibility towards the needy people of the society. This task cannot be accomplished without the support of the people in the form of funds and donations.

Homeless people are in dire need of help, as they do not have their place to stay, sleep, and enjoy. They have to spend their day and night on the roads and it is very difficult for them to manage the necessities of their life. Homeless people deserve to get food, clothing, and other comforts of life.

A society gets recognized by its ability to help others, so Fortel is providing this opportunity of helping these needy people by starting this charity so that these people will also be able to help homeless.

All the customers who have ever received the services of the Fortel and the friends are requested to contribute to this fundraising program. Without the contribution and help of the people, Fortel Nijjer, can’t complete its aim of helping the people who are homeless and facing the adversaries of life under the bare sky.

Your money and donations can provide food and clothing to these people and can help them in becoming a productive member of society.

All these funds and donations by the respectable people will go directly to the renowned fundraising charity named Shelter. This charity works wholeheartedly to help the homeless people and provide them the stuff of the daily need, mainly food and clothing. These donations will directly help the needy people and money will be spent on the deserving people.These donations would benefit the homeless people who are waiting for the help.

Fortel is using the Justgiving platform, for the way of collecting donations and funds. The personal information of the people and their email addresses will be safe with the Justgiving. Their complete donations through Justgiving will get transferred to the charity for the homeless people. Having the safe medium for the transfer of the money is also a big requisite for the collection of the funds and it is available in the form of the Justgiving.

One can contribute up to his ease and availability of the resources. Even if everybody contributes a small amount, it will end up in the collection of a large amount of money, and Shelter will get enough money to provide direct help to a large number of homeless people. The efficiency of the Fortel in the past, in the way of the provision of its services to its clients, is the indicator of its commitment to the task of helping homeless people.

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Fortel Nijjer, Recognized as UK’s Best Performing Businesses in Recent Years Dedicated to Delivering Higher Productivity with Fewer Resources on Job

Fortel Nijjer takes pride in announcing that they are UK’s only providers of external and internal concrete floors. Deloitte’s Futures 1000 listed them as the country’s best performing businesses in recent years. Fortel, the pioneer suppliers of agency workforce for the construction industry supply the best teams to the site whether it is bridges or motorways, shopping malls or health centers. Fortel’s role in UK’s construction industry cannot be undermined.

In 2019, Fortel CEO, Sat Nijjer met with the Home Secretary and the Mayor of West Midlands at Fortel’s Development Site and introduced the new state of the art office spaces and training academy.Several key issues were discussed such as Fortel’s contribution to help deal with local unemployment, Brexit, Immigration, etc. Later that year Fortel became a Silver Partner with Walsall Works due to the special focus on local recruitment and alliances with the local community. Sat Nijjer is a part of the Walsall Economic Board with special involvement in Walsall Borough’s Economic Development.

At Fortel, the workforce is always given utmost importance. With constant improvements on the skills, knowledge and language training, Fortel also offers industry leading pay, conditions and full health & wellbeing packages. Their services are above and beyond recruitment. Fortel collaborates with major contractors in the country for all their construction needs. Fortel is committed to sustainable working conditions whether it is with technologies, workforce, materials or resources.

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About Fortel

Fortel is one of the leading companies that specializes in supplying agency labour to various construction projects including rail, power, roads & motorways, utilities, defence, retail, hotel & leisure. Fortel transports bespoke pre-briefed and trained teams to the construction site to delivers high productivity with fewer resources.

Fortel Nijjer Is Organizing the Snowdon Night Walk Challenge for Celebration Of 20th Anniversary

Fortel Nijjer, a company that is working for so many years in the United Kingdom. It has developed its reputation over time. Not only in terms of work but also in terms of helping society or community they are living in. They believe in giving back to the society in one or the other form. That is why they are taking part in every charity fundraising, in every help campaign arranged for helping people in some pandemic, and much more. Now the company is organizing the Snowdon night walk challenge which is the celebration of its 20th anniversary.

Well, this is also arranged for raising money for funding and helping the community. We will learn about this in detail in the section given below. It will help you know how amazing is the way of Fortel in giving back to its society.

Everything is very well arranged and maintained in Fortel. In the same way, this Snowdon night walk challenge is also very well arranged. Almost about 20 people team is involved in it, so we can imagine how perfect the walk must be. It is arranged on the 20th anniversary of the company, and that is something that makes the company very special. It is always the one that initiates positive events even when they are celebrating something within the company.

Well, the reason why the Snowdon night walk has one simple reason behind it. This is about charity fundraising. Just like for pandemic, for ill children, people suffering from cancer, and other things, Fortel Nijjer is also concerned about the well being of people working within the company. This is why the company has arranged this event in which the aid will be provided to the ‘The Lighthouse Club’ charity foundation.

The main cause which the Lighthouse Club charity is following includes financial and emotional support to people that are associated with the construction and civil engineering projects. These people along with their families are given support in every possible way. Not only this, but the same team of people is also thinking about starting related events through which much more money can be collected. This is such a great way of celebrating the big day of the company, as well as, helping people.

Fortel is working day in and day out for its team as well as the people of its country. The motivation level of the company and its workers is always very high because they believe in giving back to the society which has made such a big success.

 They keep on trying different things through which money can be collected for the people in need. It could be anything, provided that it is genuinely helping people. You can also get ideas from their charity work, and initiate something on your own to help people around you.

Breaking News! Fortel, West Midlands labour suppliers singled out as the best performing businesses by Deloitte’s Futures 1000

Fortel is the leading internal and external concrete floors providers in the UK. It is the only company that is working for the internal and external projects. With their bespoke team they have the skills and ability to deliver outstanding and extraordinary services at the most affordable rates. This is one of the biggest reasons that Deloitte’s Futures 1000 has recognized the company as among the best performing businesses.

Who we are?

Fortel is an amazing business is offering incredible services all around the region and will let you have durable solutions which you can trust with ease. Shinda Nijjer was the Founder and first Owner of Fortel.

Sat Nijjer is CEO of Fortel and joined this family owned business in the year 2005 as an operations director. At that time, he was just completed his BA in in information technology and was pursuing his career in investment banking with a United States organization names as Bear Stearns. However, in 2012 he became a Chief executive and a member from second generation of the family to lead the business. He involved in the economic department of the organization. While, he is also involved in Walsall Borough’s economic development via a seat Walsall Economic board. He is also a former associate of The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and Asian Sports Foundation’s Vice Chairman.

What we do?

Fortel is transporting bespoke with pre-defined teams to your construction site directly. So, that you can get high quality resources. Our pre-defined team will hit the ground to dig and will ensure to offer you a higher level of productivity even if you are having fewer resources. Fortel can serve every kind of construction project from motorways and bridges, to health centers and supermarkets.

Concrete floors which are being designed by Fortel are not only going to help you save your time and money, but these are also the ones which are meant to last for years to come. These can let you enjoy the best experience and high-quality throughout the life of your concrete floor project.


The team is highly productive and passionate. Fortel will bring the team to your location so they can start working on the project and bring out the best results. Teamscancomplete and handle a wide variety of projects and deliver the best results that will always satisfy our customers. Qualified team have experience in various sectors like.

  • Rail
  • Roads and Motorways
  • Retail
  • Power
  • Commercial
  • Defense
  • Hotel and Leisure
  • Utilities


With 20 years of experience in the business Fortel’s team can work on individual, personalized and commercial projects. That is why they have 3 unique operating models for the company.

People: there will be teams and individuals who will work under the supervision of the client to deliver the best results.

Projects: on a pre-agreed price and specified contracts projects will be delivered.

Process outsourcing: Fortel will provide an ongoing support for that meets your requirements and helps your labor.

Our Values

Premium quality is an important aspect which runs through everything Fortel is doing. From the way they select and prepare their team to the way they deliver their services, everything is incredible. Sustainability, quality, teamwork and reliability are some unbeatable and unmatchable values of Fortel. Fortel is always aiming to offer highest standard services.

Why select Fortel

Fortel always strive to make the customers 100% satisfied and assure that they always get what they need. Here are some of the reasons why you should be working with Fortel.

  • Assured delivery
  • Technology
  • Productivity
  • Value
  • Legal compliance
  • Safety

Hard work, determination and passion of overall team of Fortel is leading it to a more successful and brighter future. This is one of its own kind company which is always ready to serve every type and level of project in an effective way.

Fortel, UK largest and best labour suppliers owner, Sat Nijjer is Proud to announce the Latest Achievements

As a piece of a very unique dynamic economic environment where rivalry keeps us on our toes, we are glad to share such surprising outcomes. – Well said by Satvinder Nijjer, CEO Fortel

Rail Industry for passing RISQS audit

As a component of our proceeded with supply into the Railway Industry, in June 2019 the Fortel Group was reviewed by the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RSSB RISQS). The plan is industry-claimed and represented and empowers providers like Fortel to demonstrate that we’re fit suppliers of administrations into a vigorously controlled industry. Fortel’s proprietor gladly saluted the groups for breezing through the review without a hitch (once more!). We keep on keeping Health, Safety and consistency at the highest point of our plan as our Rail business extends with late undertaking grants and as Birmingham turns into a significant community for the Rail business.

“Fortel CEO proudly congratulates the Rail and Compliance teams for passing the RISQS audit with flying colours.”

Partnership with SCSS

As a major aspect of the proceeded with responsibility towards handling natural and social difficulties confronting the business not only locally around Birmingham and the West Midlands yet over the UK, Fortel’s proprietor impels an association with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. 

Fortel has a principal promise to supportability and in 2017 we protected organization status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School, a development industry coordinated effort between in excess of 60 significant customers, temporary workers and Tier 1 providers to manufacture production network abilities.

“Sat Nijjer, CEO & Owner of Fortel instigates a partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School.”

Welcome Walsall Works Silver Partner award.

Fortel is seeing out the finish of 2019 with a scope of awards and accreditations that underline one more year of development and solid monetary execution. 

In the first place, the organization is one of 100 organizations to accomplish confirmation by the UK’s just Ethnic Minority Business (EMB) accreditation program. Run by MSDUK, the nation’s driving association driving assorted variety in acquirement, the program offers chances to make increasingly comprehensive business connections and access to global members in the USA, Australia, Canada, China and South Africa. 

The organization has likewise been regarded as a Walsall Works Silver Partner under Walsall Council’s honour winning activity to perceive the commitment and venture managers make to their nearby workforce. The gathering expects the Partner Awards as a quality imprint for network commitment and a door to silver and gold honours for more extensive exercises secured by the plan. 

At long last, Fortel has joined as a Disability Confident Employer under the UK government plan to give bosses the aptitudes and assets they have to enrol, hold and create impaired representatives. 

Fortel Director and proprietor, Sat Nijjer, respected the honours and accreditations as proof of Fortel’s supported duty to social obligation and demonstrable skill. He stated: “As we keep on developing as far as both turnover and staff numbers, we reliably put resources into giving a reasonable, comprehensive and moral business in which our colleagues can build up their abilities and develop their professions. Nearby our solid budgetary exhibition, we accept this is critical to our future development and achievement.

Building Mental Health Charter

We’re excited to report that the Fortel has signed the Building Mental Health Charter. Marking the contract shows our responsibility for changing the substance of the business by bringing issues to light of psychological well-being issues, advancing the understanding, bringing down disgrace and supporting individuals related to Mental Health. This is only one stage that we’re taking on our crucial offer the magnificent devices, assets and materials accessible and gave by a noble cause such as Light House Club.

About Fortel

Fortel is the leading supplier of agency labour for the top contractors in the construction industry ranging from rail, retail, motorways, hotels, defence, utilities, commercial and power industries.

Breaking News! Owner of Fortel, Sat Nijjer : The measure that can protect you in time of Pandemic COVID-19 while working on construction sites.

Fortel owner Sat Nijjer is looking to protect people while working in construction projects in this tough situation. He thinks that in the prevailing pandemic conditions of COVID-19, the safety and health of construction workers is a major concern.

In this situation, everyone should keep a focus on following health and safety practices. All necessary measurements for prevention of getting and spreading COVID-19 should be taken in compliance with the requirements and regulations set by occupational health and safety acts. In addition to the regulations set by the health ministry, few resources, best practices, and tips should be followed by the construction workers to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

On the behalf of Fortel he says one of the main reasons for the spread of coronavirus is close contact with people so construction workers should have obligations, for the maintenance of clean construction sites. Workers should have complete access to clean water, antigerm soap, sanitizers, and clean washrooms.

The surfaces which are most often touched such as equipment, door handles, site trailers, and hoists should be properly sanitized. The sharing of power tools and hand tools should be completely avoided. However, if it is much necessary to share equipment it should be sanitized before sharing. 

Being Fortel owner Sat Nijjer thinks that the main reason for the spread of the coronavirus is in close contact with people, especially with co-workers. Some useful tips can be used to stay safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Wash the hands with water, and anti-germ soap, and use alcohol-based sanitizers. Keep in mind that coughing and sneezing should be avoided in the open air, and sleeves can be used for this purpose.

In Fortel or outside it also if you are using tissue, towel, cloth or anything else, don’t forget to discard it properly, and never touch your mouth, nose, and eyes. Avoid visiting, and physical contact with those who are tested positive for coronavirus. Never, go outside, if you are sick, or are experiencing some symptoms of coronavirus.

Sat Nijjer has a view that on the behalf of Fortel Physical distance is essential to control the spread of coronavirus so for ensuring the physical distance on the working site the construction workers should consider staggering lunch, staggering start, staggering breaks, controlling movement on the construction site, and limiting unnecessary contact with people.

Although the symptoms of COVID-19 are like symptoms of other diseases, some of these symptoms such as cold and flu do not mean that you are suffering from coronavirus.  But if you are ever feeling sick, must report your illness to the health experts and such employees should immediately go in isolation.

Sat Nijjer thinks that In the pandemic situation, especially public health units are actively working to assist people, and construction workers should be in contact with them. This contact can greatly help to reduce the chances of getting coronavirus.  Fortel is always looking to lead the safety measures.

If any construction worker is tested positive for coronavirus, he/she should immediately stop contact with the co-workers and should report the results to the joint safety, and health representative, trade unions, and to the construction ministry and health ministry or NHS helpline 111.

Latest Announcement ! Sat Nijjer, Fortel Owner is asking all Fortel Staff to stay Safe from Coronavirus

As the owner of Fortel, I would like to share basic information about coronavirus. We all know that it is a lethal virus that has become an epidemic for the whole world. This article is designed by keeping in mind Fortelsecurity guards, Fortel labourers and Fortel Gateman, and other such workers who might not know much about this virus. For them to understand the serious nature of this problem, and the measures they should take to avoid getting are mentioned in detail below.

“Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life.” – Sat Nijjer, Owner of Fortel

Well, coronavirus is a class of viruses that attack the respiratory attack of human beings. Mostly, it attacks cats, birds, and bats. But the reason why it is infecting human beings is that they are consuming or eating these animals in many parts of the world. The spiky fringes that this virus creates around itself are the main cause of blockage in the berating track which they stop working as the virus starts to grow in number. Ultimately, it becomes the cause of death for the person infected with it. We want you all to stay safe at Fortel.

Fortel Owner,Sat Nijjer said that the symptoms of coronavirus are very obvious, and if you already know then it will be very easy for you to just identify it. Here is the list of all those symptoms people should know at Fortel.

  • Its earlier symptoms look like a regular cold in which flue is common. So, even if the flue is irritating your throat, get the checkup done.
  • The situation can turn into severe pneumonia and is almost about 60 percent of the cases this stage comes very quickly after the first one.
  • It is no less dangerous than SARS and MERS, but the symptoms look mild compared to them. Therefore, even if you feel doubtful about it, get the checkup done immediately.

As per Fortel Owner, Sat Nijjer key things which you can simply adopt in your daily routine can help you stay away from coronavirus are as follows as we want everyone healthy at Fortel:

  • Wash your hands at least 3 to 4 times a day, and try to keep a distance from any person who is suffering from this virus.
  • If you get the virus, or maybe you are just doubtful about it, make sure you stay inside your home and reduce your contact with people around you.
  • Face mask would not help you a lot, therefore, try to avoid the incidences that can lead to this problem. Unless you don’t have it, it is fine to stay without a mask.
  • Try to stock up your home with daily use-able things, and make sure you have enough stock of medicines too.

“The safety of the people who work for us shall be the highest priority.” – Sat NijjerFortel Owner

Well, I am sure that the information given above must have helped you learn about coronavirus and what you can do to stay away from it. On behalf of Fortel, It is a matter of your life, so do not take it lightly in any way. Unless or until this emergency is not resolved, keep yourself restricted from going out without any serious need.

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Latest ! Fortel Owner Announces ! Celebrating 20 years of delivering high-quality and professionalism services in UK.

 Fortel is one of the biggest brand names in the labour industry in the UK that has created a name for themselves in various industries that range from rail to construction and building. 

This company has been on the market for the last 20 years, the time in which they created a name for themselves and won the admiration of several people. Every year, they gathered more followers and collaborators. The client list includes nothing less than all of the UK’s significant contractors who come back to them when in need because they rely on the efficiently delivering of the projects, both cost-effectively and always on time. 

Fortel is supported by state-of-the-art labour management technology, which provides a profound clarity and transparency of the processes. It strives to offer efficiency and an open book approach that’s fair for both the clients, the company and throughout the supply chain. When it comes to this company, innovation is in the first place while maintaining productivity and using its evolving service models. They will combine both efficient and cost-effective labour solutions to provide clients with flexibility in their projects. 

“When it comes to the original team, Sat Nijjer is the one who designed the vision of the company. Fortel Owner is also the CEO of the company, and his actions and ideas made this company a top one in the UK environment”. 

The owner of Fortel is the mind behind the excellent company services they are offering. The company is known for its superb facilities and happy long-term clients. Fortel is a great provider of excellent services at a fair price. This is the equivalent of high-quality for specific jobs and across large contracts and even frameworks. More than that, they are reasonable, always seeking the least confrontational ways to get through times when they need to work on unexpected issues and challenges. 

The Civil Engineering division is specialized in large site earthwork operations that can include bulk fill and removal from site. After that, the teams will complete a variety of steps such as grading, utilities, foundations, drainage, and flooring. They also retain walk and landscaping to ensure that the project gets to ground level and below with a high-esteem for their clients. 

You should know that Fortel is the best specialist in what means concrete flooring and UK’s single company that will provide clients with both external and internal solutions. The years of experience, they have covered a range of complete packages, including labour, materials, and plant to deliver that high-quality product the clients expect. The final product must meet both the budget and the agreed schedule. 

The company has no competitors when it comes to designing and constructing external slabs that can meet weather and environmental challenges. They recently launched an internal concreting division that includes thoroughly trained and also experiences laser-guided floor layers, not to say the saw cutting personnel. The teams are delivered to the working place to ensure high productivity and that projects will meet the deadline. 

About Fortel

This company is one of the most reputed agencies labour suppliers to the construction industry in the country. It is also known for external and concrete floors that have brought it so many congratulations. 

Fortel Owner, Sat Nijjer Announces Successful Re-Certifications of Various Accreditations in 2019

Mr. Sat Nijjer Proudly Congratulate the Rail and Compliance Team for Passing RISQS Audit

Mr. Sat Nijjer, Fortel Owner takes immense pleasure in announcing the successful re-certifications of various accreditations. Mr. Nijjer also takes pride in their Rail and Compliance Team that has passed the RISQS audit with flying colors. Fortel has been in close partnership with the Railway Industry and in June 2019 the Fortel Group was audited by the RSSB RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme). The industry owned and governed scheme enables the suppliers such as Fortel to prove that they are capable providers of services in this heavily regulate industry. Fortel has proved its mettle as they continue to keep the health, safety and compliance always the top priority.

In continuation with the above accreditation, Fortel Owner Mr. Sat Nijjer also announces Fortel’s partnership with Supply Chain Sustainability School. Fortel’s commitment towards tackling the social and environmental challenges in and around West Midlands and Birmingham has contributed to this partnership. In 2017, Fortel has secured the partnership status with the Supply Chain Sustainability Schools with a network of over 60 major contractors, clients and Tier1 suppliers to build supply chain skills. The specific initiatives include investments in fuel-efficient vehicles to reduce carbon footprint; reducing mail usage by going electronic; and a major commitment of funding 100 apprentices.

In 2019, Fortel Group also welcomed the Walsall Works Silver Partner Award under the Walsall Council’s award-winning initiate to recognize the contribution and investment that employers make towards the betterment of their local workforce. The year gone by has also brought Fortel yet another prestigious recognition for being one of the 100 businesses to achieve the Ethnic Minority Business Accreditation.

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About Fortel
Fortel is the leading supplier of agency labour for the top contractors in the construction industry ranging from rail, retail, motorways, hotels, defence, utilities, commercial and power industries.