Fortel Nijjer achievements are his pride

Fortel Nijjer has made is company proud. It is not only because of the achievements he made in small time but also due to high rate of satisfied customers. Fortel is the only company in the whole country that is providing its extraordinary services in civil engineering and construction field.

Fortel has been selected by Deloitte`s futures 1000 as it is one of the best service providers in the field of construction and civil engineering in the past few years.

Especially in 2019, many higher representatives of the company met different higher authority persons of the country about different services and current affairs related to their services. This was also a very proud moment for the company and its owner.

About their company and their team, they say that their success store is just because of some little factors that they followed throughout their journey. Here is what Fortel tells about their journey and the things they followed.

The first thing they did was to get some of the most experienced professionals in their team as they were growing. This addition of intellectual minds made the rate of their growth better. Additionally, they followed the rules that they created for all the members of the team.

They knew that the quality of their services and products that they provide is the main reason that will give them success. That is why they kept the quality of everything best throughout the journey. Even the staff members were chosen on some special requirements that ensured the quality of the staff.

Another thing that they did was to maintain the quality that they provide. This meant that as they were on the road to success, they did not change anything to make it low quality, although they made things better. One great step in this direction is that they are focused on the staff very well.

They train their staff for every task and everything is pre-planned. This not only makes the staff confident about the work, but also boosts their efficiency when they are working. They plan everything before every job. This helps them assign work to each team and their teams work in shifts one after another. This increases their productivity.

The best thing about them is that they have a team of estimators and engineers that plan every project. This helps them in making professional agreements about the projects that they are going to do in the future. One thing that they care about is that once they have agreed, they don’t change it to keep things fair.

Sometimes it causes a little difference in the ratio of profit and loss, but this increases the customer experience a lot. All these things played a major role in the success of Fortel. And that is why Sat Nijjer feels proud of his company.


Fortel is the company that is now in the top 1000 companies or the future list of Deloitte. This means that they have made a lot of success in the field of construction. If anyone wants to get any kind of construction job done, they are the best option in the whole country.

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