Fortel Nijjer announcement : History Of Fortel, Birmingham Largest Labour And Security Suppliers.

 Fortel and the owner of this company are very much sorted. The owner knows what he is doing and the company responds exactly according to what he is looking for. In every project, the owner shows due diligence that how each step is done. In short, they know their work and that is the main reason why they are extremely successful, have their own identity, and can maintain their level for such a long time. Keeping that in mind, you may know how they work and how they are progressing with time.

Planning for the whole process which you and you’re going through step by step was the main thing which was followed by Fortel and the whole establishment. It is simple documentation and decision making about various things to be done or avoided during the process of running the company. Just be sure that you plan wisely as Fortel did by keeping in mind so many things related to it.

Budgeting of the work that you do for the company, you try to consider almost everything in it. Other than just planning, you have to be sure that you have enough budget for it. Well, this can be arranged even before you start the planning so that you have confidence about the option for various options during the planning. This is what exactly Fortel did in the company to give it a strong base right from the start. Also, they kept some capital which was for the emergency. This also helped them more than enough.

Among the various other things which the company considered, dedication, passion, and persistence were the most important ones. Without these three options, they couldn’t establish such a great company that is making its mark all over the world. It is kept in mind right from the start that how the whole company will be like, what they want to achieve, what they can do or what else is included in the whole process. Well, if you want such an establishment, then be sure that you make enough efforts for this.

Fortel and its establishment were not easy. It was a long time of hard work and struggle with diligence and persistence that helped the owner come up with such an organized and progressive construction company. You have to just keep one thing in mind about this that Fortel is not an overnight success. Also, if you follow the above-mentioned main points, you will be able to just make sure that the company which you are thinking about establishing in the future will grow as Fortel grew and flourished.

Well, when we talk about Fortel and how amazing the whole process is working, one thing comes into mind. This is about the owner without whom it was never that easy and simple. Well, let us just learn who the owners were in the past and who is right now so that we may know the secret behind the success of the company.

Shinda Nijjer founded Fortel in 1998 after more than 20 years in the construction industry, where he originally started out as a labourer. As the then owner and Chief Executive of the company, he led its early growth and development. He became Chairman in 2009 and now divides his time between overseeing the business and running a Corporate Social Responsibility programme in the UK and India. This was the starting point of the company.

In the year 2012, John joined Fortel as the vice-chairman of the company.  He was experienced in structural engineering and due to this; he brought about so many better changes in Fortel with that knowledge. Also, his strategic sense was very strong, so that also helped the company to maintain its growth ace during his time in the company. Also, he started so many public partnerships that lead the company in a new direction here the excelling options were too many and that is what the company is benefiting from to date.

Sat Nijjer joined the team in 2005 as operations director. His education includes a BSc in Computer Science and a career in investment banking with the US company, Bear Stearns. Since he was a significant shareholder in Fortel, he later became chief executive in 2012.

The current owner of Fortel is Sat Nijjer and he is doing such an amazing job for the company. Right now, no one could have been a better option than him because after getting almost 15 years of experience in the field of construction from various companies, he knows everything about them. At different centers with different job duties, he was able to learn so much about the field that now he is taking the company to worth 150 million pounds. Well, this is extremely remarkable.

Fortel is flourished since day one of its establishment, and it will keep growing like this for the times to come. It was never possible to just ignore the fact that the owner could be the main backing for the whole team, he will be the guiding light in every situation, and he will be the one who will show ways to the customers and employees, and much more. We are sure that Sat Nijjer did all of this will so much perception that the growth of Fortel is about to reach around 150 million pounds worth.

Fortel Promise

Fortel manages its labourers by providing them with high-end training and experience before referring them to you. It is ensured that they uphold the values of Fortel and do not disappoint you in any regard.

They are trained to such a high level of degree that they are extremely skillful in tackling any issue or any situation as it may arise, having been honed as to how to deal with such conditions. They will also not complain about any extreme conditions that may arise as long as it is reasonable. 

The labourers reflect the best of Fortel itself and will not disappoint. In fact, Fortel has quickly risen to be one of the best suppliers in the country, making its mark on the world. Its progress has not stopped; it is quickly rising, minute by minute, making you completely benefit from our work and efficient service. 

Role of Fortel in Construction Industry

Fortel is the leading provider of labourers in the construction sector of the United Kingdom. The services offered by our company center around our labourers carrying out the manual labor for your project in order to make it a huge success! Our labourers are trained to carry out construction jobs of varying complexities and construct every structure just as you wish it to be.

Planning is crucial or everything and we all know this at for sure. Well, when we talk about the construction projects, we need to remain ourselves for this. The planning cannot be done by the contractors. They need professionals for this, and Fortel is the best possible option. They will evaluate everything on your project and will give you the whole planning map for doing that project on your own.

The equipment and materials that are needed for the construction companies while they are working on some civil engineering projects will be provided by Fortel. The company has every innovative and newly introduced product which they can send over for the project.

Along with this, they have a trained workforce that is helping them get the task done. At very reasonable price ranges Fortel is working for the betterment of various construction projects. Just keep that in mind, and for your next construction project, try to hire Fortel and see how they will help you out for the arrangement of equipment and materials.

The management of risk is not possible unless or until there is some kind of professional help. In many cases which we see and areas about in the newspaper that something drastic happened during the construction work and unfortunately, people lose their lives too in the process. So, these things can only be avoided if the construction companies have the backing of Fortel which is offering the workforce as well as other technical assistance for the risk management during any project, either big or small.

Fortel is working hard for so many years, and they are capable of maintaining their level in all these years. This is because they know what they are doing, they know the very basics of managing different things, they care about their customers, continuously developing their companies, and much more. It has to be the kind of attitude which the construction companies must have in their lives, and this is how they should be treating their customers so that they all want your company too for the hiring in the long run.

About Fortel

The Fortel is one of the UK’s largest labour and security suppliers of professional blue and white-collar resources.  The Group consists of a number of subsidiary businesses, including volume labour supply and management, professional recruitment, security services, turnkey concrete design and builds works, and bespoke IT solutions.

Our work with our clients and partners has resulted in a number of awards and nominations. These include; MSDUK ScaleUp award, Walsall Works Silver Partnership award, in addition to becoming finalists in The Growing Business Awards the British Construction Industry Awards.

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