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Fortelis the leading supplier of highly talented and professional staff in the UK. Fortel is not only helping its labour to find the right job, but it is also letting employers work with the right man force for completion of their projects.

The reason Fortel is leading the industry is that it knows its business inside out. It is helping contractors and managers in private and public sectors to hire permanent, contract positions, or temporary labour staff. They do their maximum to find, train, and provide the right labour staff for the right jobs. Fortel helps talented and experienced people to find their right position in the industry. So that they can grow their careers effectively.

Fortel is actually based in the West Midlands, and providing more than 2000 workers at above 130 locations all around the country. Fortel offers a higher supply volume of labour staff and responds across the entire spectrum of trades, labourers, and professionals to the construction industry.

CEO of Fortel understands the fact that clients can be anywhere in the region. Therefore, it offers its services in different areas around the country to ensure quick availability of staff for the needed organizations.

Unlike other labour suppliers, Fortel isn’t a CV farm. Rather it pays attention to the selection of each candidate individually. So that they can make them an effective part of their labour network in the best possible way.

Fortel has been trading since 1998 successfully. Fortel has earned a reputation across the country due to its positive ethos and values throughout the business. By improving its workforce, it is investing more effort into the businesses of its customers.

Over the years, Fortel has built three unique operating models as given below:

For people, teams and individual labour staff will work under the supervision of their contractors. It delivers specific contracts at the already agreed price for projects.Fortel also delivers ongoing support for continuous labour requirements.

Managing trained and specialized staff is pretty hard, Fortel helps dozens of contractors in the construction industry to help them in building and maintaining high-profile labour staff in the UK. It contains a talent network of labour staff. Fortel understands the uniqueness of each construction project and offers high-quality, specialized, expert, and relevant talent to provide the experienced contractors and managers can rely on in the best possible way.

Fortel holds a massive workforce and aims to offer improved human resources to the businesses. So that they can effectively deliver their projects. Its services are not only meant to save an organization’s time to search for the right talent for their project but can also make it more affordable to businesses. Surprisingly, entire operatives are certified with additional training, experience, and talent. However, the availability of a complete portfolio of individuals makes it easier to understand their specs in the best possible way.

Fortel is always providing a reason for contractors to come back with its high-quality services.


Fortel Services Ltd

Address: 33-35 Wednesfield Road, WolverHampton, WV13 1AE

Phone: +44-1902-603409


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