Fortel Nijjer Is Organizing the Snowdon Night Walk Challenge for Celebration Of 20th Anniversary

Fortel Nijjer, a company that is working for so many years in the United Kingdom. It has developed its reputation over time. Not only in terms of work but also in terms of helping society or community they are living in. They believe in giving back to the society in one or the other form. That is why they are taking part in every charity fundraising, in every help campaign arranged for helping people in some pandemic, and much more. Now the company is organizing the Snowdon night walk challenge which is the celebration of its 20th anniversary.

Well, this is also arranged for raising money for funding and helping the community. We will learn about this in detail in the section given below. It will help you know how amazing is the way of Fortel in giving back to its society.

Everything is very well arranged and maintained in Fortel. In the same way, this Snowdon night walk challenge is also very well arranged. Almost about 20 people team is involved in it, so we can imagine how perfect the walk must be. It is arranged on the 20th anniversary of the company, and that is something that makes the company very special. It is always the one that initiates positive events even when they are celebrating something within the company.

Well, the reason why the Snowdon night walk has one simple reason behind it. This is about charity fundraising. Just like for pandemic, for ill children, people suffering from cancer, and other things, Fortel Nijjer is also concerned about the well being of people working within the company. This is why the company has arranged this event in which the aid will be provided to the ‘The Lighthouse Club’ charity foundation.

The main cause which the Lighthouse Club charity is following includes financial and emotional support to people that are associated with the construction and civil engineering projects. These people along with their families are given support in every possible way. Not only this, but the same team of people is also thinking about starting related events through which much more money can be collected. This is such a great way of celebrating the big day of the company, as well as, helping people.

Fortel is working day in and day out for its team as well as the people of its country. The motivation level of the company and its workers is always very high because they believe in giving back to the society which has made such a big success.

 They keep on trying different things through which money can be collected for the people in need. It could be anything, provided that it is genuinely helping people. You can also get ideas from their charity work, and initiate something on your own to help people around you.

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