The story to focus on the tips for senior management that Fortel Owner, Sat Nijjer can provide.

About Fortel

Fortel is a family-owned business founded by Shinda Nijjer in 1998 which provides effective and timely construction and labouring work.

Fortel is now the leading provider of labourers in the construction sector of the United Kingdom.

The company prides itself on an ability to communicate clearly between owner and employee in order to see every project through to the end.

About CEO

Sat Nijjer, current CEO and owner of Fortel, has spoken of how he ensures the business continues

to grow and evolve under his guidance.

He said: “Fortel has a clear understanding of every project they take on with a professional plan in place and this level of organisation has been key to their success.

“Simple documentation and decision making throughout every working day

is essential for a successful business.

“Responsible and realistic budgeting and sufficient training are also imperative to

create a strong foundation for any business.

“Being able to plan for every outcome or emergency is another reason Fortel has been able to grow over the years.

“Among the various other things a company needs, dedication, passion, and persistence are extremely important when it comes to your workforce.

“Fortel manages its labourers by providing them with professional training

and experience before referring them to any customer.

“This ensures the reputation and quality of Fortel’s work is always on the rise

and that all values are upheld.

For a business to be successful, no corners should be cut.

“The labourers reflect the best of Fortel itself as their genuine passion for trade means

that their work will never be rushed.

“For this reason, Fortel has quickly risen to be one of the best suppliers in the country, making its mark across the world.

“Fortel has not grown overnight, being able to trust the process and

be patient is also important when trying to establish a successful business.

“An owner needs to be diligent, positive and persistent if they are to motivate

their team towards progress.

With hard work and consistency, your business will flourish.”

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