Fortel UK’s top ranking construction company reveals the importance of Health and Safety in the Construction Industry

Well said by Chief Executive and owner of Fortel, Sat Nijjer – Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life.

Fortel Owner as well as Chief Executive Officer, Sat Nijjer lays terrific focus on the relevance of health and wellness induction in the construction sector. Very few would be aware of this, but the federal government has a regulation for the health and wellness of individuals at work. The Health and Safety at the workplace Act 1974 requires the companies to have appropriate health and safety monitoring systems at the office. The Act makes provision for safeguarding the wellness of individuals at the office, welfare and safety of the workers consisting of the people that are not straight employed by the business-like specialists and visitors.

While the regulation exists and the companies must comply with the guidelines, it is additionally required for the staff members to understand their legal rights and also tasks concerning their health & security.

“To create awareness about health & safety at work, employers should have proper employee induction & health and safety training programs whenever new employees join the company. The induction program should educate the employees about the safety standards, procedures and policies of the company.” – Sat Nijjer, owner of Fortel

To develop recognition regarding wellness & security at the office, the companies ought to have appropriate staff member induction & health and safety training programs whenever brand-new staff members join the business. The induction program must enlighten the workers regarding the safety criteria, procedures and policies of the company.

The essentials of health and wellness at the office begin with having appropriate Emergency treatment. Every company huge or tiny has to have appropriate Emergency treatment Kits and also systems. While at the workplace, people can experience an injury or fall ill. The firm/ company needs to have the correct setups to make sure that the staff members can obtain prompt medical attention. An individual that has received proper training for carrying out First Aid should be assigned for this.

Fire safety and security is of prime importance at the office. The potential hazards and also sources of fuel, oxygen & ignition etc ought to be identified. Correct Fire detection and warning systems should be in an area to prevent any mishaps. 

Fire extinguishers should be kept prepared in various places throughout the structure. There ought to be departure doors and also leave paths in the structure. Electric tools and wiring should be proper as well as checked at normal intervals. The workers need to be given training on handling fire emergencies. Fire drill and Fire Danger Analysis need to be done at routine intervals.” said – Hardeep Sanghera, Fortel– Health and Safety Manager 

“Anxiety at the office place prevails. Yet if it begins affecting the health of the employee then it is an issue. Companies ought to determine the factors creating too much stress to the staff members. A tension risk analysis needs to be done to recognize the prospective risks and also risks. Correct actions need to be embraced to control too much employee anxiety. Employees should be provided correct training, support as well as like help them protect against & eliminate the stress and anxiety.” said – Satvinder Nijjer, Fortel Owner

Companies ought to follow the standards of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Wellness Regulations. They need to examine the wellness dangers faced by the employees from the chemicals or compounds utilized at the office. Proper control actions must be embraced as well as the same must be adhered to by the staff members. Training and also info about the health dangers ought to be given to the workers.

The companies are likewise called for to have correct plans for special needs health & safety. Staff members with cognitive, physical, sensory, ambulant and various other specials needs have a right to proper plans and centres at the workplace. There ought to appertain gain access to, lighting, signage, seating setups for the disabled. Other staff members of the company should also be sensitized concerning the same.

About Fortel

Fortel is a British based construction industry headquarters in Willenhall, West Midlands that provides workforce to the construction and civil engineering industries. The company delivers sub-contract work and human resources services to the roads & highways, hotel, commercial, retail, and rail sectors. What makes Fortel one of the most favoured labour force supplier is that all their construction site operatives are signed up with the CITB as well as they undertake required safety and security exams in order to make use the CSCS cards. They likewise have an internal training as well as analysis program performed by the Fortel’s skilled Health and Safety managers.

Fortel, Birmingham biggest labour suppliers company overview

Fortel is one of the biggest brand names in the labor industry in the UK that has created a name for themselves in various industries that range from rail to construction and building. 


This company has been on the market for the last 20 years, the time in which they created a name for themselves and won the admiration of several people. Every year, they gathered more followers and collaborators. 

The client list includes nothing less than all of the UK’s significant contractors who come back to them when in need because they rely on the efficiently delivering of the projects, both cost-effectively and always on time. 

Fortel is supported by state-of-the-art labor management technology, which provides a profound clarity and transparency of the processes. It strives to offer efficiency and an open book approach that’s fair for both the clients, the company, and throughout the supply chain. 

When it comes to this company, innovation is in the first place while maintaining productivity and using its evolving service models. They will combine both efficient and cost-effective labor solutions to provide clients with flexibility in their projects. 

When it comes to the original team, Sat Nijjer is the one who designed the vision of the company. Fortel Owner is also the CEO of the company, and his actions and ideas made this company a top one in the UK environment. 

The owner of Fortel is the mind behind the excellent company services they are offering. The company is known for its superb facilities and happy long-term clients. Fortel is a great provider of excellent services at a fair price. This is the equivalent of high-quality for specific jobs and across large contracts and even frameworks. More than that, they are reasonable, always seeking the least confrontational ways to get through times when they need to work on unexpected issues and challenges. 

The Civil Engineering division is specialized in large site earthwork operations that can include bulk fill and removal from site. After that, the teams will complete a variety of steps such as grading, utilities, foundations, drainage, and flooring. They also retain walk and landscaping to ensure that the project gets to ground level and below with a high-esteem for their clients. 

You should know that Fortel is the best specialist in what means concrete flooring and UK’s single company that will provide clients with both external and internal solutions. The years of experience, they have covered a range of complete packages, including labor, materials, and plant to deliver that high-quality product the clients expect. The final product must meet both the budget and the agreed schedule. 

The company has no competitors when it comes to designing and constructing external slabs that can meet weather and environmental challenges. They recently launched an internal concreting division that includes thoroughly trained and also experiences laser-guided floor layers, not to say the saw cutting personnel. The teams are delivered to the working place to ensure high productivity and that projects will meet the deadline. 

Fortel sectors

Fortel is the company that can help you deliver your project by bringing teams to you and then hit the ground digging, all this to be more productive. The company has successfully delivered various projects in a broad range of environments around the country. They have experience in a significant number of critical sectors about which we will talk a bit in the following lines. 

Roads & Motorways

The company has worked in a transport niche with leading contractors in the industry, such as Birse, Balfour Beatty, Volker Fitzpatrick, and Osborne. 


When it comes to transport niche, the company has no limits. They have covered all types of transport networks, and the most recent work includes an improvement project in Leeds for the Buckingham Group. 


Retail is not something unknown for the company because they worked in large-scale retail, and they also delivered several substantial projects around the UK, mainly with McLaren Construction. 


Although you didn’t imagine, Fortel is perfectly comfortable and even qualified to work in highly secure defense environments. They collaborated with MOOG Aircraft Group based in Wolverhampton in helping creating a new factory that included 278 separate works. This project was valued at 1.8m pounds.  


Fortel can also take on significant commercial developments and deliver them timely and on your budget. 


In this industry, the company has worked for over five years with significant clients in the UK. This includes names like Alstom, Clugston, Kier, and Vinci, or Bam Nuttal. 


During the 20 years of experience, this company has worked on several projects in the water industry and had managed to develop active and productive workplace relations. 


The company can deliver high-quality accommodation and a high value for the money, so it was a good idea to step into the hotel and leisure facilities industry. 

Fortel is gaining more and more recognition year by year, and 2019 was a huge step forward for it. Deloitte’s Future 1000 has mentioned Fortel as the only British provider of external and internal concrete floors, and one of the best-performing companies in the entire country for the last years. 

2019 was a big step forward because the Home Secretary has visited the new offices, and also the training academy. Fortel has won the honor of Silver Partner with Walsall works that collaborates with local communities, and which also focuses on local recruitment. 

About Fortel

This company is one of the most reputed agencies labor suppliers to the construction industry in the country. It is also known for external and concrete floors that have brought it so many congratulations.